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As your Delegate, I consistently vote pro-life. I have a 100% pro-life record and have been endorsed by West Virginians for Life.

Pro-2nd Amendment

As your Delegate, I helped save the Sunday hunting bill! The bill had an error in it that would have introduced a felony if you carried a rifle for self-defense while hiking/camping in state parks. Working with two other Delegates, Jim Butler and Patrick Martin, we amended the bill to remove this mistake and the bill became law. The next time you’re out in the woods on Sunday with your rifle, thank the “3 Musketeers!” – Delegates Butler, Martin and me, your Delegate in the 38th! I am proud to have been endorsed by the NRA and the West Virginia Citizens Defense League.

Fiscally Conservative

As an auditor, I have experience in finding and eliminating fraud and inefficiencies. As your Delegate, I’m strongly committed to solutions that lower your taxes while still maintaining a balanced budget.

Fix Our Roads

Our roads continue to deteriorate and insufficient maintenance is the cause. We need to cut useless spending and waste so that we can prioritize fixing and maintaining our roads, bridges and culverts.

Drug Addiction Prevention

We need tougher penalties for drug dealers, including negligent doctors, to stop addiction before it starts. We must also have long-term rehab ending with job training and placement to give real hope to recovered addicts and prevent relapses.
Who is Dianna Graves?
  • Stanford University Graduate
  • Accountant/Auditor
  • Pro-Business
  • Pro-Small Government

“As an auditor, I have experience in finding and eliminating fraud and inefficiencies. As YOUR DELEGATE, I’m committed to reducing wasteful government spending and promoting an environment that is good for people & businesses in Putnam and Kanawha counties.”

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West Virginia Business and Industry Council

I’m proud to receive the endorsement of the WVBIC.

West Virginia Chamber of Commerce

The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Dianna Graves for House of Delegates in the 38th District.


West Virginia Coal Association

West Virginians For Life

Dianna Graves distinguished herself during the recent legislative session by voting to pass the Constitutional Amendment to limit taxpayer funding of abortion.”

Homebuilders Association of West Virginia

The Charleston Regional Chamber of Commerce

West Virginia for Manufacturing Jobs

On November 3, Vote to Keep Dianna Graves

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