Public Education

I voted for the 5% pay raise for all state workers, teachers, school service personnel and troopers.

I do support public education – public education MUST be fully funded. We cannot take money from a struggling public education system. My method for achieving this is when enrollment drops, we maintain the public money going to public schools instead of decreasing it to match enrollment. This keeps public education more than fully funded – it increases the amount available to each school.

I am crafting legislation to make teacher, state employee, school service personnel and trooper salaries to increase with our budget surplus – a portion of our surplus will go into a fund to give the state the ability to make salaries comparable to neighboring states, reducing the drain of our state’s best across our borders.

I advocate for the most vulnerable retired school teachers and service personnel to receive a cost of living adjustment every year. We must protect our retired seniors.

Teachers who are demonstrating the most success at improving their classroom test scores (not overall best test scores… the most improvement of test scores) deserve special recognition and more flexibility in their teaching environment with more teacher control over what and how they teach.

We Can Do Better.
We MUST Do Better.